Ready to Get Your Groove Back and Your Beautiful Body?

I have noticed many women do so much for others while neglecting their own needs for relaxation, rejuvenation and self-care.  The result is taking care of themselves comes way down on the priority list and very often they don’t take care of themselves and feel overwhelmed with life.

Many times, the overwhelm leads to stress eating.

Does this sound like you?

You have a full -time career, possibly a husband, children and aging parents to take care of.   Do you make the effort to schedule time for yourself?  Your life is hectic with soccer practices, birthday parties, doctor’s appointments and the list goes on and on.

Time is on your side

We all have the same 24 hours in a day but if you give it all away to others there is nothing left for you.

You choose how you spend your time.

There are times when your children must be the number one priority, if they are sick for example.  You have a lot on your plate but if you keep coming up on the short end of the stick, maybe you need to re-think how you spend your time.  Who is going to take care of you if you don’t?  The answer is NOBODY!

If you are feeling overwhelmed with everything going on in your life and this overwhelm leads you to feel anxious and the anxious feeling leads you to overeat this is a signal for you.  It is time to take care of you.

I can help you with managing the stress in your life, so you don’t even have the urge to overeat.  I used to do the same thing and gained 50 pounds.

  I learned the tools and have kept off the weight for over 30 years and now I help women just like you.  Let’s talk on the phone and I’ll give you one tool you can use immediately.  It’s completely free!  I do this because I’ve been where you are, and I know how frustrating and hopeless it can feel.  Just click here to schedule a time that is convenient for you.

What do you enjoy doing for yourself?

Many women feel empowered by doing something physical like dancing, working out, bike riding, yoga or playing tennis.  It gets your endorphins going and makes you feel better.  Let’s get those endorphins pumping, ladies.  I love to dance and when I go dancing, I forget about everything that is on my mind and I am totally in the present moment.  It makes me feel like a new woman and none of my situation has changed.  It is just a mind-set.

Ready to get your groove back and your beautiful body?

If you have been neglecting taking care of yourself, I urge you to take a time out and think about what you could do for yourself to nurture yourself, so you can get your groove back.  Many women have gained 20, 30, 40, 50 pounds or more because they are focused more on others and haven’t taken the time to think about themselves.

It’s time to get your groove back and lose the excess weight.  I can help you get in alignment with your body, mind and spirit.


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