Is Nighttime Eating Causing You To Gain Weight?

Nighttime overeating is a big issue for many of you. 

During the day you may not each much.  But at night the drama begins.  You come home from work, make dinner, help the kids and then the eating problem begins.

The food in the kitchen starts calling you.  You are not hungry at all.  You have that urge to eat and it can feel overwhelming.  You feel like you don’t have a choice, you must eat.  This is food drama.

Food drama is part of the big issue that has kept you from losing weight permanently.

The yo-yo dieting goes something like this:

  • You decide you want to lose weight
  • You pick the diet du jour
  • Now, all you must do is follow it, right?


Here’s what happens:

  • The cravings start
  • The boredom, loneliness or stress sets in
  • The uncomfortable feelings start

Sound familiar so far?

If you want to stop nighttime overeating you need to understand the root cause of the feelings you are trying to avoid.

Here are some tips to tackle nighttime eating:

  • Be willing to take a “time-out” before you eat and ask yourself “what am I feeling now?
  • Listen for the answer
  • Name the feeling
  • Decide if the feeling is worth eating over

This will take some practice.  Learning this tool does not happen over-night.  It took me a while to get it.  If you slip-up don’t beat yourself up.  Watch your thoughts about yourself.  If you are being extremely judgmental, stop.  Ask yourself, “would I treat my best friend like this?”  You are human, and humans make mistakes.  Like my dance teacher taught me, “if you fall out of the boat, just jump back in.”  If you could have done better, you would have.

There was a time when I nose dived into a food drama episode, I would berate myself for days and tell myself what a failure I was.  This only made me feel worse and this would lead to more emotional overeating.  If you are stuck in this place, I would like to help you.

I understand the emotional pain and frustration of eating over emotions and being overweight.  I personally had a 15-year struggle with it and I have learned the tools to deal with these emotions, so you don’t have to eat over them.

I am offering a complimentaryWeight Loss Makeover Call” with me.  This call will be personalized just for you and I will teach you one tool you can use immediately to help you stop the nighttime eating or other stress eating.  It’s easy just pick a time that is convenient for you and we can talk on the phone.  Just Click Here!

You don’t have to let nighttime overeating de-rail you and run your life.  You can take control back, get on track and lose the weight once and for all.




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