Diets Don’t Work!

Did you know diets have a 99.5% failure rate?

The Washington Post reports that out of every 200 people who go on a diet, only ten lose all the weight they set out to lose.  And of those ten, only one keeps it off for any reasonable length of time.

To sum it up only 1 person out of 200 loses their weight and keeps it off permanently!

Dieting doesn’t solve the weight loss problem, in fact it makes it worse by causing what I call “The Diet Mentality.”

There are 5 elements to the Diet Mentality:

  1. Fat is Bad– the foundation of the Diet Mentality is that if you are fat, you are a bad person and if you are thin, you are good.  This sets in motion the endless cycle of dieting and failure.
  2. The vicious cycle of failure-you decide to go on a diet, you have partial success before you quit the diet, and then you gain the weight back. Then you get angry at yourself, feel guilty and ashamed because you failed.  Then you go on another diet, and the cycle is repeated.  You spend a lot of time thinking about what your eating, how many calories you’ve consumed, how your clothes look and how you should exercise more.  Are you tired of this scenario and beating yourself up?
  3. Deprivation and restriction-deprivation comes from not eating the foods you want to eat. You may even restrict certain activities because you feel overweight.  For example, you don’t go to the beach, participate in sports or avoid social gatherings.  You believe you can’t enjoy a piece of birthday cake at your friend’s party.
  4. Misplaced responsibility– you give your power away and believe you don’t have the ability to know when you are truly hungry and when to stop eating. You believe the diet du jour, let’s say the Keto diet.  You give up your power to choose when to eat, what and how much you’re going to eat.  When you go off the diet, you come away with the belief that you can’t be trusted with food.
  5. Treating the symptoms and not the cause-this is the bottom line reason that diets don’t work and never will. What dieting never does is help you understand why you turn to food when you are stressed, frustrated, lonely and disappointed.  You are eating over your emotions and until you master this aspect you will continue with the same cycle.

You are not hopeless.  You’ve been using a method that doesn’t work and then blaming yourself for the lack of results.

You can have permanent weight loss and learn to manage your emotions, so you don’t eat over them.

You’ve dreamed about being a slender woman for a long time.  This can be your time now!

  • You don’t ever have to go on a diet again!
  • You can go out to eat without worrying if you will overeat
  • You will know how to enjoy special treats and you won’t feel deprived
  • You will feel proud to be you and love looking in the mirror

If you are serious about losing the weight once and for all then take the first step.  You’ve got nothing to lose.

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