Secret to a Leaner Body

One secret to a leaner body is to watch what goes on in your thinking!

What you tell yourself has a direct impact on you feel.

Are you beating yourself up for procrastinating, overeating or not making enough money?

These mental beatings might seem like you are pushing yourself to get something done but beating yourself up has the opposite effect.

Become Aware

  • Be conscious of your thoughts and if you are beating yourself up, stop.
  • Tune in to the things you tell yourself.
  • Think about your thinking.
  • Write down what you are thinking about yourself.
  • You may blow your own mind.

A Great Example is Getting Weighed

  • When you hop on the scale do you annihilate yourself? 
  • Are you extremely self-critical?

You can’t change the fact that you were overeating, but you can re-focus your attention now.

See the Effects

  • Are your critical thoughts helping you or hurting you?
  • Realize what you are thinking is optional.
  • Think about your best friend.  How would you encourage her?
  • You would most likely be supportive and help her get back on track.  Treat yourself like you would treat your best friend.

Decide what to think on purpose.

There was a time when I was doing a lot of overeating because I was miserable.  Then I would get on the scale and rip myself to shreds with self-criticism.  Then I would feel worse and that would propel me to eat more.  I was stuck in this vicious cycle for years until I got help.

  • I have trained myself and now when I get on the scale, I say to myself “I am a beautiful woman” so that my self-worth is not determined by a scale.  I am beautiful no matter what it says.
  • Be kind and nurture yourself.
  • Talk nicely to yourself, you deserve it.

Understanding this and putting it into action are two different things.  I get it because I used to tell myself awful things like “you will never lose the weight”, “you are a failure” and “nobody is going to want you.”  I struggled for many years with this kind of thinking and an extra 50 pounds.

The game-changer for me was to get help and now I teach women just like you the exact tools I used to lose the weight and keep it off for decades.

If you need some help putting this into practice, let’s talk on the phone and I will teach you one tool you can use immediately.  It is complimentary, and I do this because I’ve been where you are, and I know it feels frustrating and hopeless.  I want to help you.  Please click here to schedule a convenient time to talk.

This is the perfect time for a transformation.

Just as a caterpillar transforms into a beautiful butterfly[ , you too can become all you have been created to be. 

Give yourself space, compassion and patience to move through your own personal transformation. 

Shed any limiting beliefs that no longer serve you.

Like a butterfly, take flight and be the slender woman you were meant to be.

P B & J (Peace, Blessings & Joy),


Certified Weight Loss and Life Coach


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