Going from Mediocre to Magnificent

 Have you judged yourself harshly about your weight for years, maybe even decades? 

Summer is approaching, and you’ve been trying to lose weight so you can wear shorts, sundresses and God forbid a bathing suit. 

You’ve decided this is it, I am going to go on another diet and it looks like this:

Daily Typical Diet

7 AM- Egg Whites

1 PM- Salad with grilled chicken and lemon juice

6 PM- Plain grilled fish and steamed broccoli

11 PM- 20 Oreos and a tub of ice cream

Does this sound like you?

You’ve had a hard time making it through the day because you weren’t eating the foods you wanted to, and you feel so deprived.  You blew the diet and now you are beating yourself up.  Rinse, repeat and recycle this same scenario for the millionth time.

Imagine this?

  • Being able to eat things you like and still lose weight?
  • Going to a BBQ cook-out and not worrying if you will overeat?
  • Wearing a cute outfit to the BBQ and feeling proud of how you look?
  • Wanting to be in the front row for the family photo?

You’ve got it together in most areas of your life, but you can’t find a diet that works for the long-haul. You’ve been frustrated and miserable for many years about your weight issues. You have been so successful in other areas, but you just can’t seem to get a handle on this.

I help women, like you, end this frustration and misery when it comes to food and dieting. I can teach you proven tools, so you can finally have permanent weight loss.

Imagine being at your ideal weight without ever having to be on a diet.

You can zip up your jeans and still breathe. You would enjoy looking in the mirror and think that you look good.

You might even find yourself wanting to be front and center in photos because you’re happy with the way you look. And, you would even get excited about trying on new clothes and going shopping because so many outfits look amazing!

This is the exact reason I created “The Weight Loss Makeover” Program, to take you from feeling hopeless about your weight to feeling great in your body.

If you are serious about losing the weight once and for all then take the first step and invest in yourself. Book your FREE 45-minute Weight Loss Makeover Call. Click here. I will teach you one life changing tool that will have a significant impact on your permanent weight loss.

You can go from feeling mediocre to feeling magnificent.

  Embrace yourself as you are right now.  We only have this present moment, so I hope you can enjoy it.

Don’t put off your happiness until you are at a certain place like:

Being the perfect weight

Getting that promotion

Finding the perfect mate

Love yourself as you are right now!  You already are magnificent.

Your magnificence is one thought away from where you are right now.

Want to connect with me?  Have a question?  E-mail valerie@valeriebentoncoaching.com

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