Don’t Let The Scale Ruin Your Day!

Do you have negative thoughts about yourself when you hop on the scale to weigh yourself?

Do you bang yourself over the head when you get weighed and you don’t like the number?

 Do you freak out over the number and proceed to go on a binge?

You figure “oh what the hell, I weigh so much anyway.” “I might as well go eat those cookies.”  You proceed to eat half the bag of Oreos or you eat a bag of chips.  Do you see how this is very self-defeating behavior?  There is a better way to manage this and your weight.

  Would you be so mean and critical to other people in your life, like your daughter, niece or friends?  Being critical of yourself is not helping you in any way. 

Here’s a tip for you

Come up with a mantra you can use each time you step on the scale.  Before you step on the scale repeat the mantra to yourself.  I use “I am a beautiful woman” and I say this to myself before I get on the scale and when I step off.  This way it stops that negative chatter in your mind.  It also stops the negative thinking about the number on the scale. 

Why would you want to give the scale this much power anyway?  This is a great practice to start loving and caring for yourself.  I know from experience it works! 

You may not like the number on the scale but remember that you can change.  For starters, you need to change your thoughts about your weight.  You may weigh 200 pounds or more and you desperately want to lose weight permanently. 

Try starting with your thoughts

 You can be grateful you have a functioning body for now.  You might not be able to start with a mantra like “I am a beautiful woman” and this is OK.  How about starting with “I am grateful my body is functioning, and I can walk”?  This is much better than negative thinking like, “I am such a failure, I am never going to be thin.”  If you need to pick a more neutral mantra that is fine.

If you change your thinking about getting weighed your feelings about yourself will change to being more positive.

 With more positive feelings about yourself your actions will be different.  With these different actions, you will have different results, better results.

I know this can be difficult putting this into action on your own.  If you need some help with changing your thoughts about yourself and being overweight, please sign up for a Weight Loss Makeover call with me, so you can explore what has been your stumbling block and I can help you lose the weight once and for all.   

Have a beautiful day!

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