Sweet Tooth…Pleasure or Pain?

Are you having a rough day and can’t handle all the stress?  Do you find yourself searching for the nearest Snickers bar to calm your nerves?

Are you feeling disappointed or lonely and find yourself hunting down the nearest cupcake topped with lots of frosting?

You’re not alone.

Many of my clients tell me that chocolate is their rescue remedy.  The only problem is they are trying to lose weight.

How many times have you told yourself, “ok, this is it, I will eat this chocolate and then that’s it”?  “I will go back on my diet after I eat this chocolate.”

Rinse, repeat and recycle.

What if you could enjoy chocolate or sweets occasionally and not go berserk over it?

Do you feel like it’s all or nothing when it comes to sweets?

I call this “Sweet Tooth Purgatory or Paradise”

The good news is you can have a sweet tooth and enjoy them occasionally without going berserk. 

Where is this road to “Sweet Tooth Paradise”?

I can show you the way.  There was a time when I couldn’t eat a couple of cookies.  I would eat a dozen cookies on the way to my stressful job.  After eating all these cookies, I would feel sick to my stomach.  Then I would swear to myself that I would never eat all those cookies again.

Guess what happened?

I would stop eating sweets for a few days and then I would go back to the dozen cookies at a time.  The weight piled on. 

Tips for managing eating sweets

Think about this:  when someone tells you, you can’t eat sweets, or you won’t lose weight.”.  What do you crave?  SWEETS!!!!!

I recommend you allow yourself what I call “Joy Eating” 10% of the time.  This way you won’t feel deprived.

I you are craving sweets because you are upset stop and think.  Think about what you really need.  Do you need to feel calm about a situation?  Then think about how you could feel calm without turning to sweets.   

The pause you take will help you stop your negative thinking.

Are you thinking “my life sucks so who cares?” or “I just can’t handle any more of this stress” or “I am NEVER going to lose this weight, so it doesn’t matter if I eat this chocolate.”

Take the time to notice the thoughts you are thinking before you go down the rabbit hole.  Your thoughts determine your feelings (the lousy ones), and your feelings drive your actions, the overeating. 

You have a choice as to what you will think about any situation.  This is the good news! 

Many women struggle with this for years, but you don’t have to.  I realize it is difficult to put this into practice.  You can read all about it but doing it is another thing.  I would love to help you with this. 

If your stress, disappointment or frustration lead you to sweets, I can help you.  I used to do the same thing and I understand how defeated you feel.  Let’s talk and I’ll give you one tool to implement immediately.  Click here for your personalized “Weight Loss Makeover” call with me.

I do this because I know how frustrating and overwhelming it feels and I sincerely want to help you.  Sweet tooth paradise is possible for you and you can still lose the weight permanently.

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